A Spirit Medium Communicator that can help you find your universal connection 

For more than 30 years he has shared his universal connection by offering solid evidence based information and knowledge from the universe. Not confined to reuniting friends and family with messages of love and hope  but also bringing forward knowledge , challenges and confirmation of others spiritual connections, other ways of being, confirming directly spirit guides and helpers.

Andrew also steps through into the realms of dimensional connections to help raise our consciousness allowing a universal view, a selfless place of being and a realization of our importance in creating a new world of oneness , love and equality.

The Password

2015,  Charlie Strange's wife had passed after many years fighting cancer. Carrie was sick, very sick. She had  suffered several cancers for many years. 

They had agreed a password together so that if ever Charlie went to see a medium, if the password was said then it would truly be he’s amazing wife, she was alive in spirit and there was a life after death!

That evening Carrie's spirit  reveled herself and the pre-arranged password !  Charlie and his mother -in-laws life took a different turn. Their preconceptions were challenged and it just may be true ...that life goes on beyond the grave. 

That password changed several lives that evening